Monday, April 9, 2018

1951 Chevy Fleet-line Business Coupe

Here is my newest member of the family.  She was my grandfathers and he has had for about 14 years.  Right now she has a backyard paint job and from what I can tell has only been painted twice ever. Started out Aspen Green and then went a sky blue color, and is now purple.  It could be worse.  She also has all original running gear and it seems like interior also.  Pretty lucky to have a memory of my grandfather as he passed last summer.  We could always talk cars. 

These first four pictures are with my friends in Washington picking her up.  We couldn't get her started so we pushed her on the trailer and got her started about a week later.  It was a fast trip from Utah up, there and back in two days. 

This is when she was dropped off and in the driveway of my old house. The one below is after me and my wife spent all day cleaning her up. 

Just a few weeks ago my wife and I celebrated our 15th anniversary, and we took the old girl out on the town.  So much fun.  My wife is calling her Eva after the daughter that we were going to have that came out a boy.  And we're done now so Eva it is. 

We didn't go to Chick Filet its just where it was parked.  We went to Olive Garden and then out to an old drive thru diner in town for desert called Barry's Drive Thru.  We enjoyed thick shakes, conversation, and a great view. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Hey All,

This is a 1967 C20 that I have shortened to stock short bed length by cutting a section out of the frame and welding it back together.  It has also had the suspension converted to a C10 6-lug wheel pattern.  Its been a big project and it's still going.

I know you'll like it.

Ill try to get more pictures on here of new stuff soon.

Thanks for all the support!